An Inventory of Przemyƛl's Jewish Cemetery

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Plot# (Source)1081 (DC)LangHebrew
GPS49.7696--22.7845Birth Dte
SurnameZalmanBirth Pl
Given NamesLeft side: Avraham Chaim son of Shlomo Zalman died 14 Heshvan 5704 (12 November 1943). Death Dte
NotesRight: Shlomo Zalman son of Pinchas and the young man Neshl (?) and a women with a girl, all killed 2 Tamuz 5703 (5 July 1943); Below: Dvora Masheh daughter of Reb Shlomo ZalmanDeath Pl
Made OfLimestone on graniteHeb Name
IconsStar of DavidFather