An Inventory of Przemyƛl's Jewish Cemetery

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Plot# (Source)1075 (DC)LangHebrew
GPS49.7696--22.7847Birth Dte
SurnameFieyerBirth Pl
Given NamesReisel Fieyer-Eliyass +d Hele Elyiass, Hannah F-Grund +h David +c Grund, Esther F-Kalushiner, Rivka F-Apfel +h Shamai +c Apfel, Breindl F, Yirmiyahu F +w +c Mama F Korant, Malka Salaman-F +s Ze'ev FDeath Dte
NotesIn memory of those murdered by the Germans (may their name be blotted out) in 1942-1943Death Pl
Made OfGraniteHeb Name
IconsStar of DavidFather