An Inventory of Przemyƛl's Jewish Cemetery

Website by: David Semmel for Remembrance and Reconciliation, Inc.
Data and Photos (Plots prefixed 1xxx, SRC="DC") by Andrew Kier Wise , Professor of History, Daemen College and his students.
Data and Photos (Plots prefixed 2xxx, src="LB") by Jacek Szwic, Piotr Szwic, Yale Reisner, and Lukasz Biedka.
Cemetery maintained by Remembrance and Reconciliation, Inc.
Cemetery owned by FODZ The Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland
Special thanks to Dr. John Hartman, Julek Glettner, Marla Raucher Osborn, and Brian Hammer.

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SearchYou can search by Plot Number or by Name/Partial Name. Name searches will return all records where the Surname contain the search string, even if it is not at the beginning of the Surname.
Plot NumbersPlots are numbered in two groups, each correspondng to the source of the data.
Plots 1xxxPlots #1001-1696 are from Daemen College. The data is mostly about the grave - condition, photos, and GPS location.
Plots 2xxxPlots #2001-2760 are from Jacek and Piotr Szwic. The data is mostly about the people burried - birth, death, and other demographic data