An Inventory of Przemyśl's Jewish Cemetery

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Plot Act Scr Pix Surname Given Names NotesLang Made Of Icons Condition Damage Contact
1158DC3DienstagSara DienstagGraniteNoneBlockNo
1159DC3DienstagChaskel DienstagGraniteNoneObelisk on BlockYes
1160DC3Ochsenberg StraussLazar and Sara Ochsenberg; Samuel and Sienia Schonwetter; Tusia and Zenon Strauss; other difficult to readGraniteNoneObelisk on BlockNo
1161DC1SchonbachHenryk GraniteStar of DavidBlockYes
1162DC1HerzigMojżesz HerzigGraniteNoneBlockNo
1163DC4BauSamuel, Ida, and Juliusz BauGraniteStar of David and Hebrew-Here liesObeliskNo
1164PDC0HerzigFeiga HerzigGraniteNoneBlockYes
1165TDC5Mass Grave Memorial for 102 victims who were murdered by Nazis on 17-19 September 1939Granite in CementStar of DavidPlaque in BlockNo
1166DC1SalikMendel SalikGranite in CementStar of DavidPlaque in BlockNo
1167PDC0HebrewCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1168PDC0SilberAron Silber and Abraham Mozes SilberCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1169PDC0GraubKiwa GraubCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1170DC1MarienstrausSabina MarienstrausCementStar of DavidWhite on BlockNo
1171DC1Löwentàl SchödelRegina Löwentàl and Róźa SchödelCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1172TDC1HebrewCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1173DC1Kessel KronenfeldSamuel Kessel and Leib KronenfeldCementCircleWhite on BlockNo
1174PDC0Kessel KronenfeldSamuel Kessel and Leib KronenfeldCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1175DC1Kunke RitterbandEdward Kunke, Klara Kunke, Ruth Ritterband, Dr. Albert RitterbandGraniteStar of DavidObeliskNo
1176DC1GoldfarbJózef GoldfarbCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1177DC1FlikzuIzak Flikzu [same as Izaak Flugzu on memorial and in book?]CementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1178DC1DiengottMoses Luser DiengottCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1179DC1SalzbergHerman and Juliusz GraniteNonePlaque in BlockNo
1180PDC0No text visible GraniteStar of DavidPlaque in BlockNo
1181PDC0No text visible GraniteStar of DavidPlaque in BlockNo
1182DC1ErtagAbraham ErtagCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1183TDC1Photo combined with 185 -- GPS coordinate needs confirmed, likely that 185 is accurate, not 184CementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1184PDC0KipferHerman Fischler and Mendel KipferCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1185DC1KestenbaumSzmerl KestenbaumCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1186DC1BethauerDr. Oswald BethauerCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1187DC1FensterDr. Naftali FensterCementNoneWhite on BlockYes
1188DC1KastnerLeib KastnerCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1189DC1Beer HirschMajer Beer and Mozes HirschCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1190GDC0Combined with 190 -- GPS coordPhoto Combined with 190 -- GPS coordinate must be clarified -- which is accurate?CementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1191DC1AremJózef AremCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1192DC1Wugman RechterIzrael Wugman and Adolf RechterCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1193PDC0combined with 193 -- check on Photo combined with 193 -- check on correct GPSCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1194DC1Weiss WasserIsak Weiss and Sina WasserCementSwirlsWhite on BlockNo
1195GDC0combined with 196 -- GPS coordPhoto combined with 196 -- GPS coordinates seem OK, but confirmCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1196DC1HobenHirsch HobenCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1197DC1RubinfeldJosef Rub[infeld]CementNoneWhite on BlockYes
1198DC1ZwingermanHenryk ZwingermanCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1199DC1LowentalSamuel M.CementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1200DC1Adler FriesnerMoi?esz Baruch Adler FriesnerCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1201TDC1HebrewCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1202DC1GrossmanMojźesz CementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1203DC1TraumIzak TraumCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1204DC1RubinfeldAbraham RubinfeldCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1205DC1FuhrerLeonCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1206DC1LessigLeib LessigCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1207PDC0FeuerMendel FeuerCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1208DC1WeissRubin WeissCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1209DC1FrankPiniu FrankCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1210DC1AlweissPinkas and Jakub Hersz AlweissGraniteStar of DavidPlaque in BlockNo
1211PDC0UnknownTomb of Unknown VictimsGraniteNoneObeliskYes
1212PDC0GeworzGolda GeworzGraniteStar of DavidObeliskYes
1213PDC0GansJachet GansGraniteNoneNo
1215PDC0Gans SalikChana Gans-SalikGraniteStar of David and French scriptBlockNo
1216PDC0PamicciDowód PamiçciGraniteStar of David and pictures of a man and womanBlockNo
1217PDC0SchwarzthalLeon SchwarzthalGraniteNoneTall BlockNo
1218PDC0EhrlichJakob EhrlichGraniteNoneObeliskNo
1220PDC0DawidElkan DawidCementNoneBlockNo
1221PDC0HebrewCementTwo lions holding a crown and Hebrew- Here Lies- inside of a flowerYes
1222PDC0HebrewCementTwo falcons and a candelabra or menorahYes
1223PDC0HebrewCement2 dogs and a plant, all surrounded by two columnsNo
1225PDC0HebrewCement2 Griffins, a plant, Hebrew-Here LiesYes
1226PDC0KlausnerDora and Mojzesz KlausnerGraniteGerman, Hebrew, and Polish scriptNo
1227PDC0HebrewGraniteNoneLow BlockNo
1228PDC0OsterLeib OsterCementNonePlaque in BlockYes
1229PDC0KupferIzak KupferGraniteHands and Inscription- Spokj jego duszyStacked BlocksNo
1230PDC0KatzChaskel KatzWhite Block in CementHands, Hebrew- Here lies, and palm trunk backPlaque in BlockYes
1231PDC0SainElzar SainWhite Block in CementPalm trunk backPlaque in BlockNo
1232PDC0HebrewWhite Block in CementPalm trunk backPlaque in BlockNo
1233DC1PoppersDr. med. M. I. PoppersGranite in CementNonePlaque in BlockNo
1234DC1SiebcenerPesel SiebcenerCementCandelabra and Hebrew- Here liesNo
1235PDC0HebrewCementCandelabra and Hebrew- Here liesNo
1236DC1AmsterRebek AmsterCementNoneNo
1237DC2DintenfassRegina DintenfassGranitePalm trunk backPlaque in blockNo
1238PDC0HebrewGraniteStar of DavidNo
1239PDC0HebrewCementTwo lions holding a crown and Hebrew- Here LiesNo
1240DC1RubinfeldLeon RubinfeldGraniteStar of David and Hebrew-Here liesBlockNo
1241DC1Stern RosenweigDawid and Zofia Rosenweig; Helena, Herman, and Malena SternGraniteStar of David and Hebrew-Here liesBlockYes
1242DC1FischerAugusta FischerGraniteNoneObelisk with flat topNo
1243DC1RingelheimHelena RingelheimGranite in CementNonePlaque in blockYes
1244DC3ProbsteinJakob SaulSandstone, 5ft7"Sandstone, 5facing south
1245TDC2Small, 2ft, facing south, rounded topHebrewSmall, 2', facing south, rounded topHandsRounded top Good condition, slight erosion
1246DC4KatzHenryk Katz (died in WW I) -- unclear if photos B-D match this.Dark GraniteNoneYes (top fell off)
1247DC4FriedEdwin Tadeusz FriedStone2 hands forming a triangle No
1248TDC8HebrewStone5 stick Menorah and 2 dovesNo
1249TDC4HebrewStone5 stick MenorahNo
1250DC3Igiel Izak Igiel Cement None Block No
1251DC3Mezger Lipe Mezger Cement None Block Yes
1252DC3Teitelbaum Luiza TeitelbaumCementNone Block Yes
1253DC3Kaufman Kaufman Cement None Block Yes
1254TDC2Sandstone, 2ft, facing south, slantedHebrewSandstone, 2', facing south, slantedNone visibleFront in pretty good shape, Hebrew identifiable, top half broken off, possible man-made destruction, possible that back half has fallen off, possibly on ground behind
1255TDC23ft, facing south, slanted sandstone3', facing south, slanted sandstoneNone seenMost of front chipped off, back chipped off and erroded
1256TDC23ft, facing south3', facing southFingers of hands identifiable Front mostly chipped off, back chipped and erroded
1257DC3NacziesenfeldCement Tree and hebrew letters Block Yes