An Inventory of Przemyśl's Jewish Cemetery

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Plot Act Scr Pix Surname Given Names NotesLang Made Of Icons Condition Damage Contact
1098DC1DavidJuda DavidGranite on cementNoneLarge plaqueNo
1099PDC0Unknown (3 People)No text visible Granite on cement3 star of DavidsPlaque on blockNo
1100DC1GrunceigGrunceig family memorialGraniteNoneSmall BlockNo
1101DC1Leidner Intrater Rabs Tewel DrukerMozes, Samuel, Markus and Dawid Leidner, Mozes Intrater, Idel Rabs, Mozes and Regina Tewel, Wolf DrukerBachow victims memorialGraniteStar of David and Hebrew-Here liesTombNo
1102DC2Parnes ZipperLeon, Izydor Etylda, and Roza Parnes, and Wilhelm and Gizela Zipper1942 victims memorial GraniteStar of DavidObeliskNo
1103PDC0HebrewGraniteStar of David and Hebrew-Here liesTombyes
1104DC8Metzger SilbermanMass Grave & Holocaust MemorialIn honor of Metzger and Silberman familiesGranite in ConcreteStar of DavidPlaqueNo
1105PDC0Unknown (2 People)No text visible Granite in ConcreteStar of DavidPlaque on TombNo
1106DC1EngelJuliusz EngelGraniteStar of DavidBlockNo
1107DC1PollerGetzel PollerGraniteStar of DavidObeliskNo
1108DC1Rehaut KatzRafael Rehaut, Gitla Katz, Mordechaj KatzGraniteNoneNo
1109DC1IgelTauba Igel and Gotz IgelCementStar of DavidNo
1110PDC0No text visible Granite in ConcreteStar of DavidPlaque on TombNo
1111PDC0Unknown (2 People)No text visible ConcreteNone2 Tomb BlocksYes
1112PDC0No text visible ConcreteNoneBlock on TombYes
1113PDC0No text visible ConcreteNoneTombYes
1114PDC0No text visible Granite in ConcreteStar of DavidPlaque on TombNo
1115PDC0No text visible ConcreteNoneTombYes
1116DC1PfefferHelena PfefferGraniteStar of David and Hebrew-Here liesBlock on TombNo
1117PDC0No text visible Granite in ConcreteStar of DavidPlaque on TombNo
1118PDC0No text visible Granite in ConcreteStar of DavidPlaque on TombNo
1119DC1KlugmannPinkus KlugmannGraniteNoneNo
1120PDC0No text visible Granite in ConcreteStar of DavidPlaque on TombNo
1121DC1SchmalzbachMozes Chaim and Sara Ryfka Schmalzbach; Mechel, Hana Schmalzbach, and Nachman Schmalzbach; Izak and Szymon [Schmalzbach]. Family memorial to members killed in Jaros?aw during Holocaust.GraniteNoneYes
1122PDC0No text visible Granite in ConcreteStar of DavidPlaque on TombNo
1123DC1MendelJawetz MendelGraniteNoneBlockNo
1124PDC0No text visible Granite in CementStar of DavidPlaque on BlockNo
1125DC1LauferAbraham LauferGraniteStar of David and Hebrew-Here liesNo
1126DC1LauferAnna LauferGraniteStar of DavidNo
1127DC1Cipper NelkenDr. Juliusz, Maria, and Dawid Cipper; Anetta and Seweryn; Dr. Eugeniusz and Fryderyka; and Antonina Cipper-NelkenCipper family memorial including victims of HolocaustGraniteNoneNo
1128PDC0No text visible GraniteNoneNo
1129DC1Stanislaw MandelAleksander, Salomea, and Józef Stanisław MandelMemorial to these August 1942 Holocaust victims.GraniteNoneFlat Top ObeliskNo
1130PDC0No text visible Granite in ConcreteStar of DavidPlaque on TombNo
1131DC3MannKlara MannCementNoneNo
1132PDC0No text visible CementNoneYes
1133PDC0No text visible CementNoneYes
1134PDC0No text visible ConcreteNoneTombYes
1135PDC0No text visible Granite in ConcreteStar of DavidPlaque on BlockNo
1136DC1Susswein Redlich Susswein family: Leopold, Alfred and Jerzy; and Redlich family: Irena, Jerzy, and Adam. All were victims of Holocaust in 1943ConcreteNoneBlockNo
1137DC4Susswein PilatkowskiDr. Juliusz Susswein-Pi?atkowski and Zuzanna Susswein-PilatkowskaGranite in CementNonePlaque on BlockNo
1138DC1StahlHenryk StahlGranite in ConcreteStar of DavidPlaque on BlockNo
1139DC1WeichselJenta WeichselGraniteStar of David and Hebrew-Here liesObeliskYes
1140PDC0Unknown (2 People)No text visible Granite in ConcreteStar of DavidPlaque on TombNo
1141PDC0No text visible Granite in ConcreteStar of DavidPlaque on BlockNo
1142PDC0No text visible Granite in ConcreteStar of DavidPlaque on TombNo
1143DC3SternAdela SternGraniteNoneBlockNo
1144DC1IsaakJózef and FranciszkaGraniteNoneBlockNo
1145DC1BrieferMaurycy, Malwina, and Norbert BrieferFamily mausoleum destroyed by Germans in 1943 and renovated in 1947.GraniteStar of DavidNo
1146PDC0No text visible Granite on ConcreteStar of DavidPlaque on WedgeNo
1147DC1ReifSamuel ReifGraniteNoneObeliskYes
1148PDC0No text visible Granite in CementStar of DavidPlaque on BlockNo
1149DC2NadelRachelaWhite stone (#3001 - Rosiner) moved here in error during cemetery renovationHebrewGranite in Cement5 candle menorahNo2016: Jeffrey Cymbler
1150PDC0No text visible CementNoneBlock TombNo
1151DC1TaubenschlagBernard and Cecylia TaubenschlagTheir graves were desecrated by Germans during occupation.GraniteNoneNo
1152PDC0SchorrGerschon SchorrGraniteStar of DavidNo
1153PDC02 peopleHebrewUnknownLionObeliskYes
1154DC2StrengBetti StrengGraniteNoneFlatNo
1155DC4LazarJakub and GustaGraniteStar of David and Hebrew-Here liesNo
1156DC3BraunsteinBraunstein memorial: Eliasz; Mina, Dr. Mieczys?aw and Felicja Braunstein Llatter three died at Auschwitz in 1943Granite in ConcreteNonePlaque in BlockNo
1157DC1BrandstatterAnna nee BernsteinGraniteNoneObeliskNo
1158DC3DienstagSara DienstagGraniteNoneBlockNo
1159DC3DienstagChaskel DienstagGraniteNoneObelisk on BlockYes
1160DC3Ochsenberg StraussLazar and Sara Ochsenberg; Samuel and Sienia Schonwetter; Tusia and Zenon Strauss; other difficult to readGraniteNoneObelisk on BlockNo
1161DC1SchonbachHenryk GraniteStar of DavidBlockYes
1162DC1HerzigMojżesz HerzigGraniteNoneBlockNo
1163DC4BauSamuel, Ida, and Juliusz BauGraniteStar of David and Hebrew-Here liesObeliskNo
1164PDC0HerzigFeiga HerzigGraniteNoneBlockYes
1165TDC5Mass Grave Memorial for 102 victims who were murdered by Nazis on 17-19 September 1939Granite in CementStar of DavidPlaque in BlockNo
1166DC1SalikMendel SalikGranite in CementStar of DavidPlaque in BlockNo
1167PDC0HebrewCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1168PDC0SilberAron Silber and Abraham Mozes SilberCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1169PDC0GraubKiwa GraubCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1170DC1MarienstrausSabina MarienstrausCementStar of DavidWhite on BlockNo
1171DC1Löwentàl SchödelRegina Löwentàl and Róźa SchödelCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1172TDC1HebrewCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1173DC1Kessel KronenfeldSamuel Kessel and Leib KronenfeldCementCircleWhite on BlockNo
1174PDC0Kessel KronenfeldSamuel Kessel and Leib KronenfeldCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1175DC1Kunke RitterbandEdward Kunke, Klara Kunke, Ruth Ritterband, Dr. Albert RitterbandGraniteStar of DavidObeliskNo
1176DC1GoldfarbJózef GoldfarbCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1177DC1FlikzuIzak Flikzu [same as Izaak Flugzu on memorial and in book?]CementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1178DC1DiengottMoses Luser DiengottCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1179DC1SalzbergHerman and Juliusz GraniteNonePlaque in BlockNo
1180PDC0No text visible GraniteStar of DavidPlaque in BlockNo
1181PDC0No text visible GraniteStar of DavidPlaque in BlockNo
1182DC1ErtagAbraham ErtagCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1183TDC1Photo combined with 185 -- GPS coordinate needs confirmed, likely that 185 is accurate, not 184CementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1184PDC0KipferHerman Fischler and Mendel KipferCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1185DC1KestenbaumSzmerl KestenbaumCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1186DC1BethauerDr. Oswald BethauerCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1187DC1FensterDr. Naftali FensterCementNoneWhite on BlockYes
1188DC1KastnerLeib KastnerCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1189DC1Beer HirschMajer Beer and Mozes HirschCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1190GDC0Combined with 190 -- GPS coordPhoto Combined with 190 -- GPS coordinate must be clarified -- which is accurate?CementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1191DC1AremJózef AremCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1192DC1Wugman RechterIzrael Wugman and Adolf RechterCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1193PDC0combined with 193 -- check on Photo combined with 193 -- check on correct GPSCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1194DC1Weiss WasserIsak Weiss and Sina WasserCementSwirlsWhite on BlockNo
1195GDC0combined with 196 -- GPS coordPhoto combined with 196 -- GPS coordinates seem OK, but confirmCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1196DC1HobenHirsch HobenCementNoneWhite on BlockNo
1197DC1RubinfeldJosef Rub[infeld]CementNoneWhite on BlockYes